Can 1004 burn 4x DVD+RW?

I read somewhere in a magazine advert that the 1004 could burn DVD + RW at 4x.

Does anybody know the answer? I have tried Ritek, Intenso and Imation DVD+RW disks but with each, 2.4x was the burn speed offered by Nero. I have 0.49 firmware. Maybe 4x DVD+RW media are rare at the moment?

yes it can! i have a Philips DVD+RW here which was written @ 4x with the 1004 DVD Burner. the only problem here is the price of these discs! payed about 5 Euro for one DVD+RW !!! (but its worth the money!)

Would you please post the MID of your Philips disk?

When identifying a DVD, brand names are not sufficient.

Regards, Martin A

Brand name: Philips DVD+RW (1-4x)
Media type: DVD+RW
MID code: PHILIPS 041

How can anybody tell the MID code of a disk while it is still in the packaging in a store? Sorry if this is a silly question.




You can’t. Unless you can get hold of a very, very helpful and at the same time knowledgeable salesman (a rare combination), you just have to take your chances.

Regards, Martin A