Camera view won't work

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung S860 Pink. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]We went to the lake for a week with my family. (No, I didn’t drop it in the lake.)
Well, I’m a music video director and producer. And I decided a particular video would benefit from underwater shots. So I wrapped my camera up tight in a ziploc bag and went underwater. (Like 10 feet max.) Well, now it turns on, but I can’t see it. (Note: This has happened to another camera, except no water damage. I dropped it.)
So how do I make this particular camera work? I have no insurance whatsoever on it, the only warranty doesn’t cover accidents (or anything on purpose, for that matter), and I can’t get a new one. (I need this to work by Wednesday next week.)

As the camera uses SD, you can use a PC memory card reader to retrieve the photos. For any photos on internal memory, you can try hooking the video output to a TV to see the camera’s screen and menus to select the Internal memory option if this needs to be done.

If you are confident no water has leaked in while diving and the camera was not wet when you took it out of the bag, it would be worth seeing if the warranty would cover it, as it’s quite possible that something inside failed and just happened to be coincidence that it went while diving with the camera. However, if the camera was wet, then don’t try making a warranty claim as water damage on circuitry will usually show up as corrosion.

A] I got all my pics. I’m not concerned about them.

B] Yeah, it got a little wet. Just a little. Enough to make it not work for a while.

C] I’m not concerned about the pics or video. See, I’m making a video and part of the video is just the girls eyes. I find it extremely easy to end up video taping the girls nose or forehead. I don’t want to do that. And our computer is Windows Movie Maker. So I can’t take a full face shot and cut out everything except the eyes.

D] I’m only interested in this: The view dealie that doesn’t work. I want it to work. How do I make the single thing I accomplish on my camera for the time being be making my screen work?