Camera that converts pictures into comic's

A friend of mien was telling me about a digital camrea that her daughter saw at a friends house. It’s sounds very interesting because what this camera does is it has a feauture than can convert the pictures it took into cartoon like/comic photo’s. I searched and googled for what this model can be but I can’t find it anywhere.

Anyone here seen or heard of such a camera?

A bunch of cameras were released at the last Photokina featuring some pretty weird image altering options…such as “slimming” and morphing faces to more “good looking”, adding blue sky when it was in fact grey, and so on. Among these is something from HP (mit dem „Cartoon“-Effekt in ein Pop-Art-Bild á la Andy Warhol) which claims to produce a cartoon effect…there´s a flash here which might help

Alternatively, good software such as Photoshop can do this but it´s a bit of work…not really a one-click option.

One search result turned up with this (not kidding): “you have to reroute the mitrium negativity zelpod to the external oprious jack, its the only way to get 100% efficiency in the mitral cap sensors and hydroflouge”