Camera recognition problems

We have the Sony DCR-TRV240 and have been successful in the past in capturing video to my computer. We use Pinnacle Studio 8 for the editing.

However, when we plug the firewire cable into the camera and computer and set the camera to VCR mode, the computer fails to recognize it.

We’re running Service Pack 2 and have explored all of the information that SP2 has with the firewire port.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Steve & Cliff

Among the things we’ve tried include:

  • using different cameras
  • using different cables
  • using different tapes
  • using different computers
  • hotfixes from Microsoft

We’ve considered but haven’t tried yet:

  • re-install Windows

Start the camera, then startup windooze. Maybe that helps.

Pinnacle studio 8 is an all things to all men consumer software. It’s great to use as a first time dig vid edit software. It’s, sometimes, less than hassle free. If I have trouble with input or output devices I see how they work in Windows movie maker, Widows sound recorder. I wouldn’t do anything serious with them, but if they don’t see a device I’d say it won’t be seen by anything. There’s a free download for avid which is a far more serious application. You could see if you get very far with that. I must say, though, that capturing using dig avi down firewire is the most bombproof way to go. You say you’ve tried other computers and have got nowhere. It might sound daft, but you are plugging the right lead into the right hole, aren’t you ? Which capture device are you using ? The stand alone one has a little switch on it that says if the firewire is in or out.I guess you’re going straight into your pc. Have you checked if other firewire devices run in the same hole? Can you get a copy of premier? that actually asks for camcorder model and make. Sometimes a six plug at the pc end and a 4 at the camcorder end is the only lead that works-illigical, I know, but you’re dealing with a pc here. I also don’t instal any other similar software whilst Studio 8 is in use. Good luck regards P.S

No luck on this one!

There’s absolutely no reason why windows isn’t seeing your camera. You could virtually plug a brownie in via firwire and it’d get recognised. “using different ,tapes, p.c’s” all point to the camera. “using different cameras, leads” points to the p.c. I sympathise with you but I’d say you were pressing the wrong handle somewhere. Your process of elimination, I feel, would show up the defective culprit. It seems there must be something not right with the signal sent from the camera together with something not right in your p.c. A spot of comic reading, i fear. I’ve found Sony kit to be pretty intuitative, though. Sorry, and good luck. regards, P.S

Try someother fire wire device or a different firewire port. It’s either the port, the cable, or your device’s firewire card is bad.

Camer gone bad?

personally i wont use firewire to capture i use the audio/video jacks (Red-Yellow-White) plugged into a tv card, starts up everytime, i use winTV2000 to webcam with my Sony DCR-HC32E and also tranfer from DV tape to HDD via Windows Media Encoder, then edit the transfered video with something better…if you havent got a tv card only a firewire card i dont know, but i used to have a lot of probs with firewire while transfering over, like jittery playback…thats why i switched to a TVCard

You could possibly have problems using onboard firewire, but with a dedicated firewire card, there should never be problems.