Camera and Scanner Wizard ~ Nero 6 Ultra

Just purchased and installed Nero 6 Ultra Edition which includes a suite of software.

I have a digital camera that uses secure digital cards and I have a USB card reader. Before Nero, when I placed a SD card in card reader (with digital pictures) the Windows XP Scanner and Camera Wizard would always come up and ask me what I wanted to do with the information on the SD card.

After installing Nero 6 Ultra Edition all that comes up when I insert an SD card in the card reader is the Nero Photo Express screen and no Camera and Scanner Wizard. Just Nero Photo Express comes up on screen and the Camera and Scanner Wizard is gone forever.

Yes, I went to Options on the Nero Photo Express and unchecked all boxes.
Nero is not my “default” anything as far as I can see.

Listen, I paid good money for this software and I want to use all its features, even Photo Express.

I have uninstalled and installed Nero 6 Ultra Edition many times.

Nero Tech Support (Germany, I think) tells me I have a “Microsoft” problem and to call Microsoft.

But if I just install all of Nero 6 Ultra Edition without the Nero Photo Express, I get my Camera and Scanner Wizard back. Now you tell me if that is not a Nero problem or a “Microsoft” problem.

I have two different Windows XP computers from different manufacturers and it is the same for both.

Can I install Nero Photo Express AND have my Windows Camera and Scanner Wizard or are they mutually exclusive? If so, then there is a problem with Nero and the software is defective.

No, I am not going to just not install Nero Photo Express and quit. Either I get what I paid for or I send it all back to Nero.

does the usb card reader show up in My Computer as a drive with a drive letter ? i don’t have one so i am not sure. if yes, right click on the card reader icon/properties/autoplay
configure your autoplay options

Have you tried right-clicking on the drive in “My Computer”, picking “Properties”, and changing what happens when it auto-runs?

This is Windows XP. The autorun Camera and Scanner Wizard comes up without Nero Photo Express. Drive E which is the Card Reader drive. Why should I go into Windows and change things if it is NERO that is causing the demise of the Camera and Scanner Wizard?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Nero 6 Ultra and “unchecked” all boxes. Nothing in Nero is default. When I open Photo Express Options, both boxes are unchecked. Therefore, the Windows XP Camera and Scanner Wizard should appear as it used to. It does not. It is gone. Nero did something to my computer - and I lose the Camera and Scanner Wizard.

It is a Nero problem. Either it is compatible with XP or not. It is not.

And I have contacted Nero Tech Support, and those people never heard of the XP Scanner and Camera Wizard - so how can I get help from them.

Nero Sales support in California tells me just not use the Nero Photo Express. Good idea except I paid real money for this software suite and it does not work. That’s like telling me when I buy a new car and the standard radio does not work. Just don’t use the radio. The car still drives ok. Just don’t use the radio. What would you say to them?

Is it possible that I am the only person that purchased Nero 6 Ultra Edition that is having this problem?

I’d find a better atitude if i was you my friend…
Listen to what the good peeps are telling you, and your problem will be fixed…
Surprises me why AnyOne would want to use “XP Scanner & Camera Wizard”…
Go n Get either “ACDSee 5/6 or 7” “PE2 or 3” “BreezBrowser” or whatever takes your fancy, (IRFANVIEW) is FREE…but anythings Better than XP Scanner & Camera Wizard…
Now Then, to try and solve your prob!!----Nero has done Nothing wrong, so Stop Blameing Nero. All Nero has done is to Associate your Files and your JPGs n Tiffs etc.,with itself…Exactly the same as any other program will do…The Last program you Install will nearly always Associate it’s Files with it…
The Image that G)-(osters has shown you should pop up on your Monitor Screen each time you put your card in the card reader…When it pops open you can chose to use whatever program is in there to open the images…OR–You can do what I do n find it far easier…Make a new Folder & Date n Name it, open the Folder of the Card Reader & Select All the Images n Drag n Drop with Right Click of Mouse n Chose “COPY HERE”…When Finished Delete from Card…Right Click on an Image in Folder n Chose, “OPEN WITH” then chose the XP Image n Fax Viewer or XP Scanner & Camera Wizard if that’s what Turns you on…EveryOne to their Own!..I use ACDSee 5 to Brows my Images because it’s Easy n Fast…

P.S–I have Full Nero but Only ever use Nero for Burning, the rest is never used…
In fact I have a ShedFull of Progys but only one or two get used Frequently…

The Moral of this Story is!!-----Buy n Use a Program that you will like useing…Lots will let you Trial them for 30 days…If you not sure of the Best Programs, put up a New Thread n Ask which is the Best to use…
So Slow down,Chill out n Experiment a little…Good Luck…Take Care.

I have read all above and I completly disagree.

I have gone to My Computer, Properties, then what . . . ?

Nero Tech Support sent me email with latest Nero Photo Express. I downloaded it. Same problem. Camera and Scanner Wizard gone. Uninstall it and Camera and Scanner is back. How can this not be a NERO PROBLEM?

I have 4 different photo softwares on computer included Kodak EasyShare. All work flawlessly. None interfere with Camera and Scanner Wizard. Only Nero does. How could anyone state that this is not a NERO problem?

Nero Tech Support can’t solve problem.

Nero AG
Complaint Department
Im Stöckmädle 18
76307 Karlsbad

Nero Tech Support first stated that there is no such thing as Windows Camera and Scanner Wizard. So they got to be idiots. I am so pissed off I am selling or trashing everything made in Germany. Anyone want a good used S500 Mercedes?


I now have Vista Home Premium. And yes, some of the photo software does try to take over all my added pictures - SD cards.

Adobe, as an example. Panasonic Lumix as another example.

But, and a big but, the Camera and Scanner Wizard now comes onto screen with the other softwares in Vista. At least I now can x out Adobe, etc.

I also have found in this latest Adobe that one can turn off Adobe trying to grab my newly entered/added pictures in Vista.

With NERO, it was impossible to stop them and NERO KILLED my Camera and Scanner Wizard in XP.

So, my statement still stands. NERO is a piece of German Junk. Period.

NERO tech support stinks. I stand by that statement.