Camcorder to DVD, jittery images a problem

Tried a search for existing threads but no help so here goes:
Using NEro Ultra 7 on HP Media center PC with internal A to D card; have successfully transferred Camcorder files to hard drive. Files play great from the hard drive with no distortion. Have tried to copy captured image files to DVD using Nero; images have “jitter” when played back from DVD. Distortion is along edges of part of image that is moving rapidly (example: a person running).

Very annoying and headache inducing. Tried raising the bit rate on nero set up; that DVD wouldn’t play. WOuld really like to get 18 years worth of camcorder files on to DVD’s but need to solve problem of distortion.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
ps. I am new to this video stuff but otherwise a reasonably competent PC user.

additional info; DVD R/W drive is HP double layer 8X, media was Office Depot DVD-R.

“images have “jitter” when played back from DVD”

Are you trying to view still images from camcorder > computer > DVD?
If that is what you are trying to do, you will need to “de-interlace” the still image.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for response.

Not still images; these are video tapes that have been “captured” using Nero Ultra 7. Thre captured video files are resident on the hard drive and play fine from the hard drive with any of the DVD player programs on the computer. when I burn the files to a DVD (also using Nero Ultra 7) the files copy over fine but when played on a regular DVD to TV set-up the image quality is poor when part of the image is changing rapidly.

Are you encoding the video to DVD standards? You can’t just copy your captured video to a dvd and have it play. Before you encode your dvd, make sure you use quality media (office depot media is not quality media), and make sure that you shut down any unnecessary background tasks that are running. Make sure that your audio is converted to the proper format. If you aren’t sure how to do this, or what formats should be, do some reading at

Thx. for suggestions. I’ll get some other DVD blanks and do reading as suggested. Is it fair for me to assume that done correctly I can get the captured files to play off a DVD without the distortion I am presently getting?
Mark in MN

I’m a newbie at both capturing and DVD burning, but have run into (I think) exactly what you described. Using NEC 4550 burner, Nero Ultra 7. Captured a VHS movie, using both a Plextor capture device, and a Sony camcorder, and saw the same thing with both methods: jitter and jagged edges on objects during movement and during camera pans. Looks great on PC, looks like crap on the TV. Drove me nuts. Spent probably two solid days Googling and re-burning a DVD+RW (so as not to waste discs 'till I had it right) and found several threads dealing with this topic. Found this thread referenced at VideoHelp.Com. They have a whole section on capturing that’s very informative.

Try this out:

By the way - when I tested that link just now, it didn’t work, hope that’s just temporary because it worked for me just a few days ago.
If that thread’ll work for ya, it will tell you how to use TMPGEnc (and several others) to change the interlacing. Good luck, hope this helps.

To: Fullyfunk: Thanks. You nailed it. Made a real nice DVD no jitters by specifying the interlace in options available with Nero. Now I just have to figure out how to determine correct interlacing spec for various files as the captured video files I have come from four different camcorders going back 18 years. thanks again for the help. MArk S.

If you capture from a video camera, using appropriate software, you will not see any interlace problems (when viewed on your television set). You will see interlace problems on your PC, if you don’t view the dvd using PowerDVD or Windv. Do some reading at, and check out the tools section. There are tons of free tools available to capture, edit, and author dvd’s. NERO is not a highly recommended editing or encoding application for video dvd’s. Yes it does work, but not nearly as well as other softwares. I’m not an expert on the freebie software, as I use Adobe Premiere, or Vegas Video for most of my stuff, but from all the posts I’ve read, there are many different methods that will give you much better results than using NERO.

I have well over 100 hours of camcorder video’s to edit and burn to DVD. Given NEro is not a great program would you recommend most the Adobe or Vegas software? thanks again for the help. Mark in MN

There are many free software tools that will do what you want. You only need Vegas or Adobe, if you want to go for professional results, effects, motion menus, etc. There are also some decent all in one softwares which you could purchase such as Ulead Video Studio 8 or 9, Adobe Premiere Elements, Vegas Movie Studio, Ulead DVD Movie Factory, and a bunch of others. Most of these can be purchased for around $40 - $50. Some of the free ones are just as good, but you have to have multiple softwares, and the learning curve is a bit more, but not as bad as the professional stuff. It all depends on how far you want to go, and your comfort level. You should really do about 4 hours of just reading on, read some of the forums on video capture, video editing, authoring, etc., and get a feel for what there is available, and why people prefer certain softwares.