Camcorder to computer to dvd



I have an older Samsung digital camcorder. I have none of the directions , manuals or software that came with the camcorder. I also don’t know the model right now.

I want to transfer some video to my computer then to a dvd.

I use what ever microsoft program that pops up when I hook up the camera via firewire.

The problem is that when the video is transferred it does not transfer full size. It only transferres in a small size, that can not be displayed at full screen without giving a crappy picture.

When I play the camcorder hooked up directly to the TV I get a full screen high detail picture.

Is this a camcorder issue, or is this an issue with the program I am using the capture the video?


there is probably a setting in the program for how you want to capture the video, but it woul d help if you told us the model of your camera and what program you were using. we can’t offer specific advice with next to no information to go on.

also, i’m sure the manuals and any related software can be downloaded from the products/support section of the samsung site once oyu figure out what model you have.

you also haven’t told us what medium the camera records to? are they mini dv tapes? micro mini dv tapes? mini dvd-r discs? I’m not sure that this is important, but it may help you in identifying your camcorder on the samsung website.


It is a bit more complex than that.
Ok, you need to capture the files (let’s assume the camera uses MiniDV tapes and produce .avi files) to a project to produce Mpeg2 compatible with the DVD authoring, probably you will need to edit the files (to cut parts you don’t want, introduce transitions, etc…), to render to Mpeg2 and at the end to produce and burn the disc (menus, etc., and final rendering).
So it is not just to use anything that pops up within windows, besides XP has an application that lets you capture and edit the movies you may need other tools.
Have a look at:
Here you can get a lot of info on software, file formats, hardware, etc (including tutorials).


Thanks for the info.

I have been doing research since I posted the question.

I initially thought that my camera couldn’t output a full screen size file, but that seem unlikely.


Hi as a new member I would like to know how to take my home video from my computor and put it onto a DVD so it will play in a regular DVD player and show on my TV



This is kegler again
I am using a laptop and have downloaded my video from camera to computer.

Now I would like to know how to copy it from windows movie maker file to a dvd to watch on my tv with regular dvd player


You need an authoring program. There are many. Go to and look for free authoring programs.


Which operating system are you using? Windows Movie Maker in XP can only export video as .wmv or DV Avi. Neither of which can go directly into a dvd video. In Vista there is another program that can take the output from Movie Maker, called Windows DVD Maker, which will convert and author the video to go onto a dvd disk.

If you are using XP, I’d suggest a program that can convert and author the video. Something like DVDFlick or FAVC should work for you to get your output from Windows Movie Maker to full dvd-video ready to burn.


This is kegler Thanks for the info I will try it

I had gone on the internet and found that you can do it in dv-avi and its supposed to work but when I did it it came back as 23.something gb.

the movie is about 2hrs long can it be made to fit on a dvd???


Yes, it can be compressed to fit onto a dvdr. I like FAVC as a free option for this type of conversion, so I’d recommend trying it first. You’ll need to install AviSynth and have Net 2.0 for FAVC to work, but there are direct downloads to both at the FAVC site, and both are free to use.

Your DV avi was large because it wasn’t compressed. That is a good format for editing, but as you know can take enormous space.


Its me again I tried the DVDFLICK and all went well except that somehow it did not save it to the decktop, I have tried it with a smaller video and still cannot seem to get it right??

I am obviously not the smartest knife in the drawer but it must be in the way i save it???

Also I downloaded favc from that site you all mentioned but I never found the program on the computer??? strange


FAVC doesn’t install to the list of programs. When you download it, it is in a compressed format called a zip file, or you can download the .exe file. You can right click on the zip file and extract it to any place on the computer you like, or if you downloaded the .exe file just double click on it and it will extract itself to the same place you downloaded it. When extracted if will make a new folder called FAVC1.07.

To actually use FAVC, you open the newly formed folder called FAVC1.07, then click on the FAVC.exe file. That will start it up.

To use FAVC you will have to download and install AviSynth and Net 2.0 as I pointed out earlier. AviSynth will show up in the Programs list, but you don’t ever have to do anything with it. FAVC will use it automatically. Net 2.0 won’t show up, but again, you don’t have to do anything with it, FAVC will use it.

On to DVDFlick. Unless you change the output setting, DVDFlick will save your video in C:\Documents and Settings*Your Name*\My Documents\dvd. Of course, the part that says Your Name depends on your user name in your computer. I suggest you look for your video there, in the folder named dvd.


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