Camcorder mpg files to burn on DVD freeware

I have a Panasonic HD camcorder and I want to burn the mpeg (2, I suppose) to DVDs to play on my home DVD player.  I used to use Nero 7 Ultra, but found out it was a pirated copy I had purchased, so don't want to use it anymore.  (I am looking for someone's old used legal Nero Ultra software.)
But that is NOT my question.  What I want to know is there a freeware that would do what Nero's Vison does?  Puts the mpgs together in order with a little editing, and then with a title page and burn it to a DVD?

You can try DVD Flick and AVStoDVD. Both are free…
I don’t know though if there is a point to convert HD material to DVD mpeg2 format. But this is up to you :wink: