Camcorder Mini-DV's

:confused: I have mini dv recordings from my camcorder which has stopped working. I used to download them from the camcorder to my computer to make DVD’s. Is there a device that will let me download them to a computer since the camcorders is no longer working?

Another Mini-DV camcorder will do the trick.

Thanks, but I didn’t explain what I wanted to do. Sorry for not explaining in the first place. :doh:I have to replace the camorder, and wanted to upgrade to one with a hard drive or memory card.
Still would like to see if there is something available.

Aside from a camcorder, I don’t know of anything that can read the tapes. You could always pick up a used one on eBay, use it to transfer your tapes and then sell it.

I guess I’ll try Dogg’s suggestion. Thank you.

Before you buy a Hard Drive camcorder, do some GOOGLE searches… I have heard some bad things about the hard drive camcorders and the DVD camcorders… Read plenty of reviews before buying