Camcorder DVD to MPG2

I have a sony camcorder which burns right to a mini dvd. The files are all standard vob type dvd files. They are really mpg2 files from what I understand. I would like to convert them to usable-read editable-files to use in standard editing software.

I have tried to just change the name to .mpg but the files do not play right.

I have read the forums and attempted many of the suggestions but they all seem to be focused on a different aspect of dvd copying. If someone could help, that would be great, thank you.

Maybe you can find some information on editing your videos in the Sony camcorder user manual?

You probably need a codec on your computer that is able to read the MPG2 format. Can you play the files on your computer at all?


Yes I can play them no problem. The camera recomends importing it into mpg2 by playing it through the camera. I have the completed disks already and would like to get it off the disks.

There are no recommendations on editing the video? What editing program are you trying to use? You know that with MiniDV video, the video is “captured” by the editing program. Sony must have some instructions on letting you edit your videos!

What model is the camcorder? Maybe I can find some info on this.


Have you tried DVDx?

Have you tried Pinnacle Studio, with this program you can capture from your camcorder and then edit you home movies,