Camcorder DVD-R Ripping Problems

My friend just gave me one of the DVD’s from her recent honeymoon. There are CRC errors on the disc that are preventing me from straight ripping it in any program I’ve tried. I’ve isolated the problems to a couple chapters (a couple of which actually play fine in computer DVD player software, but after trying to rip using 4 different drives and my battery of ripping software, still won’t). I was wondering if anyone here knows a way I can rip this DVD in a similar manner as to how PowerDVD is playing it, as most of the data is still there, but programs like DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, and IMtoo DVD Ripper aren’t getting it.

Any help someone can offer me would be great…she’s at her wit’s end (esp. since her husband just shipped out to the navy, and this disc is half of their honeymoon).

What format are the DVD files?

Assuming also that the DVD is not scratched or flawed(?)

What brand and type of media were the (assume camcorder) data burned on to?

Were the disks provided by a professional photographer? Could be that there were intentionally included structural errors that prevent copying so you have to buy copies from him/her.

Try using AnyDVD’s “Rip to HDD” feature. That way your wedding disk data will pass through the “FixVTS” feature and may get the data to your HDD. Once accomplished you should be able to use most any backup software to copy it.

BTW: anything [I]good[/I] on this honeymoon DVD? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You could try slowing your reading drive down (using something like AnyDVD set to slow and quiet) and try using DVDDecrypter - you can set the retries to a high number and then eventually you can ignore the errors (may give a slight hickup on playback).

You could also try something ISOBuster which is fantastic at recovering nackered discs.

However, it could be that the disc is just so badly scratched or was so badly burned you will never get an exact copy.

Try the DVDDecrypter method and post back how you got on.