Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 Amp on Windows 7

I recently bought a new soundcard compatible for windows 7 as my previous one wasn’t compatible.
Now i have a problem getting sound but as i’m not familiar to the options of Windows 7, i realy don’t know what to do. I have only managed to get sound via headphone.
This is the station that i use:

It has a lot of buttons so i don’t know the settings i should setup + the settings in windows sound options and on which slot i should plug the cable on my soundcard. :confused:

I knew how to workout on all this on Win XP but with the new Soundcards’s manual book i got confused. :confused:

Please help.

Welcome to the forum. :flower:

Based on the fact that you are confused, attempting to help you via a back and forth forum dialogue would not be that useful. You need to call or email Cambridge Soundworks, and get them to assist you with this: