Calumet City Il, Area

This is my first computer build and I don’t have much knowledge about computers. My attentions were to build a gaming/media computer. I bought this computer to put everything in it myself to learn. That was simple but, getting the software in and everything to run is big problem. I knew someone that customise everything and gets it to run right. I just found out he moved to Arizona. So im stuck i need to find someone that knows alot about computers in the area. Im looking for help in getting this computer to run right. I don’t know if your alowed to do this on here but I need help. Im having problem after problem. I wish someone coul teach me but, if not I could pay. Im stuck and I don’t know what to do!!! If anyone is in the Calumet City IL could u please help!!!

The only way to learn is to work with it and figure it out. You could likely find all of the answers yourself online (Google is your friend) or you could simply ask questions here. Give an overview of specifically what is wrong.