Calls to Columbia Court of Appeals to ditch the Broadcast Flag

I just posted the article Calls to Columbia Court of Appeals to ditch the Broadcast Flag.

  Towards the end of 2003, the FCC  announced that starting from July 2005, all digital recording devices and tuners  must recognise "a broadcast" encoded in digital TV.  The broadcast flag...
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Sure …take away something else from us lowly grunions…I wonder if Jack, Cary and this other weasel Newton (Newton !! does he sit to piss ??..where do goobers get such poncey names) forget one of the first rules of anarchy and revolution…When the masses have nothing…they have nothing to lose…:X

They shouldn’t implement these restrictions, it’s pretty lame. If they do it’ll be but a matter of days before someone established a workaround… Man those moneygrubbers are just freaking out… quite sad indeed Lacrymator

It’s “Craprovision” part two…! Another copy protection system doomed to be defeated within weeks of release, followed by the inevitible courts cases whilst the “crack” spreads all over the internet until we’ve all got it. Then by the time they decide it’s illegal, and breaks DCMA, it’s too late…because we’re all doing what we want to do anyway…! Tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars down the drain, lawyers rubbing their hands all the way to the bank…how many times have we heard this story? DVD? Craprovision? Ring any bells…?

This is total Bull Shit. When VHS was implemented, they all said copy your TV signals and use them but not as commercial use. This is totally wrong. This means that no one can copy a show for you. I have had enough later Clark

looks like importing Eletronics in 2005 will become populare. That and Modchiping recording Devices will be a good thing to start working on. :slight_smile: