Calling all CANADIANS!

well i was listening to a radio station in canada (103.5 qmfm) yesterday (8/7/07 or maybe the day before) and i heard this song, but i have no idea what the song name or the artist is, but the radio station plays old popular soft favorites like Torn by Natalie Imbruglia…etc

so here’s what i rememebr from the song, i know it’s very vargue but it was a popular song back then so i’m just taking a shot in the dark, it’ sang by female artist, her voice is similer to natalie:


“i don’t wanna close my eyes and cry, ohhhh woooo…”

it played exactly either BEFORE or AFTER the song “sunshine and roses”, it also played unwell by matchbox twenty, i know the chances of anyone listening to the radio yesterday and coming here is very slim, but i wanna try anyways, so atleast i won’t regret it afterwards.

i’m really sorry but that’s all i heard, i’m really sorry, i tried searching on google but it came up with too many results and useless songs, so i’m sorry, it’s ok if it can’t be helped, it was my own fault for not paying attendtion
ignore me, i deserve it! T_T

thank you for reading this, i appriciate all the help.