Calling all amthematical geniuses!

Can any man (or woman) here fathom the level of intelligence of the genius that solved this problem dogging generations since the age of pythagoras?



All these mathematical formulas had to be done by a pure genius IMO. Like this find the length of side x. c squared (or x in this case) = a squared + b squared. I always use the 3,4 5, method (6,8,10 and so forth) for doing layout work to make sure I have a right angle.

The old FOIL method for quadratic equations is indeed, pure genius also.

The Egyptians using a wheel to lay out the Pyramids and who ever figured out what pi is equal to also ranks up there.

DaVinci with his doodles, this math stuff all, makes me think that we are indeed special or maybe we were visited by aliens years ago. Who knows???

Yo jm1647-

Share yur smoke-eh!

Archimedes got it down to 22/7ths.

Can a shotgun (sharing the smoke) be done via the internet??? :bigsmile:

^^^ oh, and calling all speeeling bea Chumps as well!

Sure beats the heck outta 3.1428571428571428571428571428571 on to infinity, don’t it… :iagree:

That’s fucking birlliant!! :bow:
If i were the teacher he/she would get a 100% score.

Reminds me of that story where four students were about to take a math test, but never studied for it. Since they had to get to college by one car they faked having a flat tire and showed up way after the test was done. The professor accepted the excuse and said they could do the test the next morning.

The next morning they showed up for the test, all studied and ready to get a high score. The professor placed the four in the four corners of the room. The total test contained one question:

“Which particular tire on the car was flat?”

I’d give him ½ point, because after all he did find X :wink:

I believe pi is 3.14159…


lol…this is like yr7 or yr8 maths

general form: c2 = a2 + b2

therefore x2 = 3^2 + 4 ^ 2 = 25

but u need x, therefore sqrt(25) = 5

Answer is: 5

whoops, i missed out on your point…forgive my previous post :smiley:

and your one to talk…that the heck is a amthematical geniuses anyway??? :iagree:

Hallelujah! Someone actually got it…

should have circled both Xs and said “never thought X was lost”

For these, mnemonics are required; in this case:

“Yes, I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy sessions involving quantum mechanics.”

More here.

And a ridiculous one here.

What do I win?

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