Call to legalise file-sharing with taxes



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  The Interactive In The City conference in Manchester has been  told that the music industry should realise that its efforts to stop  illegal digital music downloading are...
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No taxes. Period. We pay FAR too many already. The labels want to combat piracy? Can’t be done effectively - time has already proved that and any other conclusion is delusional at best. The labels want more people to buy music and not download it? Lower prices (ten bucks Canadian is the limit). No more albums with two good songs and the rest trash filler. Custom CDs with tracks from multiple albums, reasonably priced (a buck Canadian a song is the limit there). Music downloads at 50 cents Canadian a song - after all this is lossy compression crap. Implement those options and they’ll do a lot better than they’re doing now. Paying a tax for Internet access sets a dangerous precedent and I would expect the EFF to scream blue bloody murder. I would expect consumers to do the same. However, I’d also expect this law to get passed in the US since: 1) the population there are effectively neutered lemmings unable to control their politicians (witness DMCA, Homeland Security and 3-2-1 software) …and… b) the entertainment industry has the government in its back pocket there. Good sentiments, bad idea.
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We barely noticed the CD levy up here in Canada, besides a levy/tax sounds very socialist. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love it! Every time they want more money they hold up the downtrodden (multi-millionaire) artist as some sort of poster child, claiming he/she will suddenly be blessed with a flow of cash that is rightfully theirs and can stop eating out of garbage cans. WRONG! We know where the money will go. Straight into the coffers of the labels themselves. The bad thing about any “tax” is that a bureaucracy will be quickly formed to decide who gets what. The bureaucrats themselves utilise the lions share, jetting around the country importantly with furrowed brows. Keeping the artist at the ready for another gut wrenching proposal for fairness. OMG piracy has doubled according to our figures, we will have to raise the pittance once again to offset the horror.


The reason their always passing new taxes is for the simple fact that the tax money never gets used for what they say it will. We have a new road tax in my area, and one month after it was passed they passed a new bill stating they ccould use that money for something other then the road. A couple of months later, guess what we still have shitty roads, cause they used the money for something else, so now they need to pass a new tax and it starts all over again. If business owners did the kind of stuff they do they’d be locked up. I’m 99 percent sure a tax like this will eventually be passed but file sharing will still remain illegal. It would be much like paying a tax on drugs but not actually being able to use drugs. Then two months later they’ll start talking about a new tax. But yet again you get the government you deserve.


"With the development of new wireless technology, people will be able to swap and download music while there out for their morning walk. " they’re out of their morning walk. :stuck_out_tongue: