Call/Recall working on 1TB optical disc

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Now that Blu-ray has become the dominant disc format for high definition content, the company Call/Recall, which is in partnership with the Nichia Corporation of Japan, has announced it is developing…

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Now- this has promise in todays market. Especially if it can compete with SSD and maybe even against HDD. :slight_smile: Let’s hope this is what they are aiming at and can sell these devices UNENCUMBERED WITH DRM at a competitive price to the aforementioned alternatives. :slight_smile: For the love of everything holy- leave Hollywood out of the loop on this one- please!
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Didn’t Call/Recall announce this back in November?

Posted by on Thursday 29 May 2008 06:12 “Didn’t Call/Recall announce this back in November?” Didn’t you just answer your own question by posting the very link you were “wondering” about? What’s yer point?? rolls eyes

Wow… you truly are a crabby apple. :wink:

Answer the question Ian…what is the point? I don’t get it.
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Seems like a big waste, to me, to bother developing an optical competitor to hard drives. And one with slower performance. By the time this gets off the ground, optical formats in general will be pretty much dead. Suppose you want to access a file that’s on layer #150 of this disc, it’ll take all day just to access it.

“200 to 250 disc recording layers” Are they fracking serious? Why in the world do we need a 1 TB disc? Even I don’t have that much porn… and I have ALOT of porn. DukeNukem… creeping you out ever since I got off the boat.
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Lets say we put one TB of data on the disc and for some reason the disc cannot be properly read. Discs do sometimes develop read back problems. We would be so screwed. Hard-drives are more reliable.

Well, I think for archiving it has a use. Still, it all boils down to price per megabyte.

It is only useful for archiving IF it is reliable. Having 200-250 layers is really scary. I would not trust it for archiving. It still seems today that tape is the most reliable backup media.

200 layers… I just wish double later media worked so perfectly… but it did not. So they come up with 200 layers. Excellent. Burning and wasting the data, time and cash. Great combination. :r

What happens if your kid takes it out of the drive to play their favorite game and leaves it laying face down on the floor next to your PC. How many of those 250 layers would be scratched up. Ouch!

Well the more capacity the better. I hope they release it soon i love disc like that to store videos. I already got a Blu-ray Disc writer/burner i hope this works there lol. Sony still the best.