Call of Duty

I tried several times to make a true 1:1 copy with Call of Duty and failed. I figured the problem wasn’t with the hardware, but more likely with my software installations or updates. I had tried in one computer with both my Liteon drives(LDW-411S and LTR 48125) with the latest versions of Discdump and Fireburner without success. I then decided to set up a computer with only XP Pro and only recording software(Discdump, Fireburner, and Nero). I installed no service packs or updates since I was only using this computer for making backups. I did update Nero to latest version of however. Using Discdump and Fireburner I was finally able to get a true 1:1 backup which works in a generic cd-rom drive.

K7S-2000 motherboard
Athlon 700 cpu
Liteon LDW-411S with FSOJ firmware
XP Pro no sevice pack or updates
DiscDump-used Standard mode with read speed set to 4x
Fireburner-used dao-96, write speed set to 4x, close cd, burnproof enabled

I backed up Call of Duty no problem with Alcohol 120% v1.4.3.518 & a Lite-On LTR 52246S (firmware version 6S0C according to Nero Info Tool). The backup installed fine but when I tried to play it from my DVD reader(Compaq DVD-116) & burner it would not play. After I upgraded Alcohol 120% to the most recent version, it played perfectly in both drives, hide ATIP check was on of course for the burner but no need with the reader.

I think that the old version of Alcohol was blacklisted.