Call of Duty

I know that Call of Duty is Safedisk 3.10–but is that Disk #1 or #2 or both----do you just make a standard image with Easy Cd creator etc. of none copy protected disk?

Call of duty cd 1 went really slow :stuck_out_tongue:
the second cd didn’t so, prolly only the first cd is protected

No, you cannot use Easy CD Cremator. You will need software capable of successful SafeDisc burning. Alcohol 120%, CloneCD etc. You will need to use a protected game profile.

@ Infinite you’re right protection is just on CD1. CD2 no protection:)

@ Nimh20 what is your burner model?Would be nice if you can list your drives:)

Successful SafeDisc copying is totally dependant on your burner model and brand. Some are:

LiteON drives above 16x read.
ASUS drives.
LG drives.