Call of Duty

I’ve been reading where people were having trouble with Call of Duty. Something about the AP being blacklisted.

I don’t know why.
Burned with PX-708A or Premium + AP works fine here.

your lucky than.
i think the blacklist problem was with Securom 4.85+ and don`t know with SafeDisk ,because i never got that problem.

I do remember reading about the SR 4.85+ blacklist.
Seems like I recall reading the SD 3.10? in Call of Duty blacklists AP.

Yet, I’ve proven it’s not…

3 test PCs
2 of them did not need AP
3rd PC gave me the ‘Insert CD’ error. (dang Sony DVD ROM)
Installed standalone AP, runs fine…

maybe you should contact VSO and maybe they can fix that in the next bw.

You mean about the Sony DVD ROM Drive?
If so, Nah.
This drive has practically never been able to read ‘burned’ SD copy protection past SD 2.8.
Only stamped.
I hate the drive…
Glad it’s not in one of main PCs. :slight_smile:

never knew it was a Sony DVD Rom.
if you want you can tell them.
besides most people has different drives.
i wont mind if you send it or not.
Glad i don`t have it too.

It’s cool
No biggie…
My main concern was what I had read about CoD