Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty
English U.S
Safedisc 3.10.020
Protected .exe

From the readme.htm:

  1. Launch Problems on nVidia® nForce™2 Motherboards

Users who attempt to run the single player portion of Call of Dutyâ„¢ on a machine with an nVidia® nForceâ„¢2 motherboard may encounter an error message that states, “Please insert the correct CD-ROM and select OK to retry.” The error message will remain, even if the proper CD is in the drive. The solution to this problem depends on your operating system:

Windows® 98, ME and XP users:

If you encounter this problem on Windows® 98, ME or XP, installing the latest nForce™2 drivers (available from your motherboard manufacturer) will remedy the situation.

Windows® 2000 users:

There is a known incompatibility with Macrovisionâ„¢’s SafeDisc® (the copy protection mechanism Call of Dutyâ„¢ employs) and motherboards with the nForceâ„¢2 chipset under Windows® 2000. To remedy the situation, do the following:

  1. Locate the “My Computer” icon on your computer and right-click it.

  2. Choose the “Manage” option.

  3. Once the Computer Management program launches, select “Device Manager.”

  4. In the Device Manager, double-click “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.”

  5. Right-click on “nVidia nForce 2™ SPP/IGP ATA Controller” and select “Properties.”

  6. Click on the “Secondary Channel” tab. If the Select Transfer Mode is set to “BIOS Default,” click on the pull-down menu and select “PIO Mode.”

  7. Close all open windows and restart your machine when prompted.

Call of Dutyâ„¢ should now launch without incident.

  1. Issues With Installer Properly Switching To Disc 2 During Installation

Some users may find that, when they insert Disc 2 of Call of Duty™ in their CD-ROM drive, it will bring up the “splash” screen and not allow the installer to continue. If this happens, open your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. Hold down the Left Shift key. Reinsert Disc 2 of Call of Duty™ and keep the Left Shift key depressed until the CD or DVD drive stops reading the CD. This will disable the autoplay function of the drive and allow installation to proceed normally.