Call of Duty



i have been using anydvd and clonedvd2 for several years now with great success, but what do i need to copy the call of duty games and can i put both cds from the first game onto one dvd thanks for your help


try alcohol 120% for copying games,
there is website that has hacks so you can convert multiple cd games to 1 dvd, you need a different method for each game but I can’t remember the site so maybe google “cod 2 cd on 1 dvd” or sumthin’ like that. The other way you could do it is burn the 2 iso’s onto one dvd as a data disk and when you want to install it just mount the images with daemon tools


Try this : Easy answer. Go to and register. Once registered you will have access to conversion instructions on merging many cd’s for a game onto 1 dvd. Taking a game and its expansion pack(s) and putting them on a dvd with a custom menu. There is so much that you can do there I dont know were to start but check the site out and post back with any questions you may have.

Got this off of another forum.