Call of Duty



I made a backup CD of COD (game of the year) with alcohol 120%, but when I tested it in my notebook that has alcohol 52% installed, the game gets “laggy” and the objectives doesn’t update or worse, the pc characters get “jammed” or do not follow the instructions (i.e. Capt Foley keeps moving in circles inside a house as if there were enemies to battle still).

Does anyone knows how to solve it plz?


Thread moved. As the game starts and you can ‘play’ I don’t see a backup problem here. Could be bugs in the game itself you already patched the game with the latest update? Is this also happening with your original? Has your laptop the minimum hardware requirements which are mentioned on the game box?


is your notebook spec. up to playing COD?


Yes it is. I’m using a HP Compaq nx6320.
1.66 GHz Intel Duo Core with 1 Gb RAM. 128 mb shared video.
I bought the game of the year edition, so I thought I didn’t need to patch it.
Where should I get the update? Activision site?

I’ll re-burn my backup and have another run to check if it is not any media or burning issue… but it is really strange… My teammates get stuck and stop moving and i can’t complete my ridiculous objectives without them, like regroup with capt Foley… ;(


this is where i go to, to get my game patches, COD is now patched to version 1.5


How can I tell if my DVD-RW drive is suitable for reading my backup CD?
I’m starting to think that the problem is not the backup but my notebook DVD drive… ;(


I’m still getting that problem when I play in my notebook.

It is exactly the same problem described in this forum: (the post is quite funny! LOL)

Nobody had this type of problem?


I finally cracked this. The problem is with the CPU with multicores. It finally tweaked when I saw the console spewing messages saying things like “thread infinite loop, killed”

The workaround is, when you start the game, press alt-ctrl-del to open the task manager and then select the COD process (CoDSP.exe) and then right click and select “set affinity”. Only select one CPU and then it should be fine.

I haven’t found a way of making this the default, I need to do this every time I start the game.