Call of Duty world at war emulation help

I recently bough Call of Duty world at war. i have made a md5 image of the DVD and installed from it. But I cant get it to work as a no-cd solution. I use Daemon Tools Pro 4.10 and have turned all the options for emulation (Safedisc, SecuROm etc) on. But it still asks me to use the original DVD.
Please tell me how to create a woriking image for this game which would work as a no-cd image.

[QUOTE=shan11;2268306]I use Daemon Tools Pro 4.10…[/QUOTE]First of all you should update your obsolete DT Pro version.
Your image most probably is ok.

I have installed Daemon Tools Lite 4.30. But the problem still persists.:frowning:

I assume your license has expired as you’re now using DAEMON Tools lite.

Uncheck all emulation options.
Cloak your virtual drive using Y.A.S.U 1.6.9040 and CoD 5 should run fine.