Call of Duty right CD label

Some months ago, I made a copy of my original Call of Duty game because it was already scratched and had problems running. Now I have put the 2 disks into the recycle bin because they are completely unreadable. Fortunately I have the two copies at hand; they work perfectly except during the installation. The files get 100% copied but then I get an “Insert the correct CD and press Enter” error at the end of the installation, when I have copied the last files using CD2 and the installer asks me for CD1.

I’m sure it has a CD-Checks-like protection which checks if the CD is labeled correctly. When copying the CD I didn’t think it had a protection like this and I entered a label (Call_of_Duty_CD1) which let me recognize the disk immediately.

If I press CTRL+ALT+CANC and quit the installer when I get the error message the game will work, but the registry entries won’t be created and the game won’t be recognized as installed! So I won’t be allowed to install any patches…

What’s the exact CD label, including spaces and extra characters, for the 2 Call of Duty disks ? :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is that it still wont work, as it has SafeDisc 3.10 protection aswell as CD-checks.

Anyway, the exact label is for disc 1 “COD1” and for disc 2 “CoD2”.

PM me for help if you still cant get it working.

Ben :slight_smile:

If you made a copy that will play, then the label won’t be an issue as any software that will make a successful copy of Safedisc will also use the correct label. Likely you’re having problems with something else.

If you’ve got a backup of the game, it should install fine with no copy protection issues, unless the disc is fucked then it will ask for another disc which has that file, which it usually does if the file cant be found on an InstallShield installation.

But when it comes to playing the game you may have issues, im a bit confused as to what you mean.