Call of Duty & patch 1.4 - BEWARE!

Hi there !


The Patch 1.4 (cod_1.4_patch.exe) makes your cd-copy and your original installation with cd-cppies useless and brings you back to square one to the original CDs !! :a

Any other experience will be interesting to hear about !


Can you scan the .exe or .dll files using aray or PID to get the exact version of SafeDisc?

Dude, weve been through this before in athread somewhere. I guess the only way forward with this one is with GameJackal.

And the patch updates to SafeDisc 3.15. It was SafeDisc 3.10.

There was a bug in SD3.10 which made it not check one part of the “signature” so not perfect copies still worked. This was fixed in 3.15, which explains why some copies that worked with COD 1.0 no longer authenticate after aplying the patch.

However good backups work under both versions (mine made with an ASUS CRW-5224A does anyway).

#4 I think you are right ! - the version of SD in my original installation was 3.10 and the cd’s was burned with LiteOn LTR-52327S and that’s probably not good enough if the Patch takes SD to 3.15 !!

baaaaad show !!

At least this experience with SD 3.15 and LiteOn LTR-52327S is consistant with my ‘struggle’ with ‘Prince of Percia: The Sands of Time’. I had to borrow an AOpen CRW5232/ARR.

will a AOpen 5232 make a perfect SafeDisc 3.2 backup?

ben :slight_smile:

#7: I’ve never tried any games over SD 3.15 with CRW5232 so I don’t know !

What about your ASUS CDW-5232AS ? Can it handle it, and if ‘yes’ what burner software did you use for the backups ?

nah, everybody says my ASUS CDW-5232AS shoud be able to, but for some reason it cant, it makes copies that work in my plextor, then again so does my Sony CD-RW CRX230E, might buy a AOpen 5232 and try that :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile:

ps. my asus is great for tegas backups though, only one of my 5 burners that can make and read a working copy :smiley: