Call Of Duty Launch Problems on nVidia® nForce™2 Motherboards

I believe that occurs with the same thing on Safedisc 2.90.040. Happens on both of my computers that have the Nforce2 chipset. ABIT NF7-S and Gigabyte 7n400-Pro2 boards. Thanks for the heads up, now I can try it out :slight_smile:

Works fine on my ASUS A7N8X Deluxe

I have a abit nf7-s no problems playing this title backed up or any other safedisk title backed up or original…

As a sidenote for the issue on the call of duty readme : try the 2.45 drivers (do NOT use the latest nforce2 drivers released recently!). I tried the latest nforce2 drivers from nvidia all my copy software went whacky!.

Latest nvidia drivers avoid a lot of games to be played on nvidia 2 chipsets (including titanium).
In the other way, it crashes ( to many times) the directX system (direct 3D only) on Windows Me systems so reinstall and formating is required.( There is no way reinstalling only, that file is hooked strong and only formatting will disappear)

What a ************!

Good luck!

i think what he means is if it aint broke dont fix it:p

but just reinstalling 2.45 over the newer drivers fixed my problems in windows xp.

I have absolutely no problems at all with 2.45 (I’ve previously posted a screenie)

Hmmm, now I see that Version: 3.13 Release Date: November 3, 2003 is out.

I note with interest

Installation Notes

If you are performing an uninstall of your current nForce drivers, your system will have to re-enumerate all devices and restart prior to install of your new package. Multiple restarts may be required; please comply with all instructions to reboot. Failure to do so may cause the install to fail the installation of needed components resulting in system reliability issues.

maybe that was my problem…im not sure but like i said before if it aint broke dont fix it…hehe’

main thing that was strange is my plextools would not work at all after installing the 3.13 drivers…ill stay with 2.45 they are pretty damn stable.

Might want to give this a look see. I’m downloading now and will post results as soon as I can get them installed.

I ran into all sorts of reading and writing problems after installing the 3.13 drivers. I did install the SW IDE driver but even after rolling back the ide driver I still had problems. Sound works fine now though.


No problems here with the 2.45’s, whether I use the original or a backup copy. Using an NF7-S rev2.

The 3.13’s on the other hand completely hose windows, rendering it unbootable when I install both D-Tools and A-120. This after a fresh install of XP Pro. I’m avoiding those 3.13’s like the plague.

Wey, men, let’s try and see what happens with these “new” drivers. They are released by Gigabyte and the version is 3.4.3. The pack contain new AGP and SMBus drivers.

For install, select only manual install AGP and SMBus since the IDE and network drivers are old (05/27/2003)

You can grab them here (the ck343). Choose your OS and download:

Hope it helps…