Call of Duty - Finest Hour (XBox)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking of getting this game for a while. Is it worth it?

Thanks in advance

If ya like movie-eqsue difficult missions, yeah.

I think it would be interesting to play in WWII as I have no other FPS based on that.

Hmm, from a Xbox perspective i think it’s one of the better games, but if you have Xbox Live, get Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2. That game is WAY better than any other FPS i’ve ever seen on the Xbox. The multiplayer options are practically endless.

actually I have played ghost recon 2,halo2, cod, and rainbow 6-3 black arrow, It all depends on what type of games you like. IF you want crzy intense fragging, then go for halo 2. If you want a intense but realistic game, go for cod or my favorite rainbow black arrow, if you want a slow paced camping kinda game go for ghost recon 2. I have played them all and I absolutly love very single one but im a relistic fragger so i have both cod and ranibow 63 black arrow well i halo 2 but i only play it off line at lan partys


I have Halo2, and RS3:BA. I also have Xbox Live and loads of people tell me to get both those games. However, I may wait for RS4 in march (I think they said spring).

If you know some dutch language, you could always check out my colleague’s review of Call Of Duty and Rainbow Six Black Arrow or my Ghost Recon 2 review.

Sorry, I don’t speak dutch.