Call of duty and Blind write v.5.x

Hi :slight_smile:

Just make a working copy of my new game …Call of duty and this game is Safe disc 3.10.20 :slight_smile:

I use BW whith everything automaticwhith out any tweaker.

My reader / writer is a Asus 4816A.

I will try my Thoshiba SD-M 1502 as reader later


way to go!!! we see that BW5 is on the bbbaaalll


fianally managed to back this up. BlindWrite V5, with all the defaults. Used BWtweaker to slow the read spead down, and got an image I can install or play from. Burned back using BW V5 at max speed, and chose the No Topolgy option. Again, I can install or play from the CD. No emulators or patches required. I’d tried CloneCD and Alcohol 120 and all I got was about 10 coasters!! Looking forward to actually playing the thing now!!! Oh, and I used a Sony 510a…


Lasse did you ever get this working in your toshiba reader.
I doubt that you did.

I tried burning this game with alcohol and it failed in my toshi reader.