Call of Duty 5, making a mini-image



Hey lads,

I’ve been trying to make a mds/mdf copy of my CoD5 DVD using the provided tutorials on this forum (How to make a SafeDisc mini-image updated) but no cigar.

So, I though, why not make a post about it and probably help other people.

Long story short, I did what the tutorial said, but it doesn’t work. First of all, the CD is protected by SafeDisc 4.90 (or something like that) and I want to make a copy of it, so all of my friends on the lanparty can play CoD5 Zombie Mode (SinglePlayer).

I’ve selected SafeDisc in the bottom, but when I choose what ever option, I can NOT change the writing speed. Aside from that I don’t seem to be getting any errors (also not after 10 minutes of waiting). I did EVERYTHING to the letter in the topic but still it doesn’t work.

So, can anybody shine a light on what I am supposed to do and/or doing wrong? I am using Version 1.9.8 of Alcohol 120%. (Trial Version)

Thanks a BUNCH.


The guide is for cds whilst I suspect that you’ll find that COD 5 is a dvd. Also, I don’t understand why you refer to writing speed if you are trying to make a mini-image; you won’t be burning anything if making a mini-image.