Call of Duty 2

This has been proven to be SafeDisk 4.60 and doesn’t want to play on my system. The original [patched to v1.01] keeps failing the DVD check saying it has detected emulation software. I contacted Activision and they said exactly what you would expect them to say - effectively “turn it off or uninstall”. Well I turned AnyDVD off and it made no difference, so its obviously objecting to something that is installed but not running I checked running tasks in task manager.

I have seen many posts that say you have to uninstall certain programs to make a certain game run, but in my personal experience I have always succeeded in running those reported games [well those I’d bought] without uninstalling, instead turning off the CD-Tray or disabling AnyDVD or something similar.

So my question; Has anyone got this to run with any of the following Software installed;

IsoBuster 1.5
DiscJuggler [version unknown]
FireBurner 2.21
CloneDVD [latest]

Norton Internet Security 2005

Admittedly I could probably uninstall many of those pieces of software and not miss them as they don’t get used that much - but I don’t think that SafeDisk will be objecting to IsoBuster, DiscJuggler or FireBurner and the version of CloneCD I have didn’t come with the Clone VirtualDrive - and I never installed it from previous releases either.

I include NIS as it must inject some code into the OS around the network and disk access layers to perform its security functions, and I wonder if it is objecting to that…?

Any help appreciated.

My guess still is that it’s objecting to CloneCD and. in particular, to the hide cdr media component.

But that isn’t running…! Guess I might really have to uninstall it then…!

You have to uninstall CCD otherwise COD2 won’t run.

I made a backup of my call of duty2 collector’s edition onto a single dvd and it runs from disk.

OK thanks folks. I feel an uninstall coming on…

I agree Orinoco. I too feel an uninstall coming on. But I will be uninstalling the software whose company has choosen to include built-in incompatibility and built-in inoperability. I will also refuse to buy anymore products from Activison.