Call For Nominations: The Worst CD and DVD Burners Of All-Time


Mostly, we sit around and talk about how wonderful certain drives are, or we may be a bit cynical and say that certain drives are only good for certain things, but we never really get down and dirty and talk about the worst pieces of crap to ever come out of a factory.

What are your nominations for the worst CD and DVD burners of all time?

Note that, I’m not just referring to burning quality, reading speed, etc., but also factors such as reliability and longevity. For example, I would nominate the Pioneer DVR-112D and the Plextor PX-716A as two of the worst DVD burners of all time, because of failure rates and quality control problems that were far out of proportion to the general burner population.

What are your thoughts? Which drives have and still give you nightmares?

We already have one of these threads that was just started a week ago >

Oops! Didn’t see that. Sorry. :o