Call all gurus, is my Burner OK or is it the discs?


I have now started to burn my own movies to DVD (bring on the 21st century)!!. However I have a problem that they often jump at irregular times throught the film. It is rearely in the first half hour (thought this does sometimes happen) and is is rarely in the same place, so this rules out scratches etc. It tends to be a progressivly bigger jump to the end of the film; if I leave it to jump away, it will reach the end in about 2 mins.

I have an NEC soemthing or other burning onto Datasafe DVD -R. This problem only seems to happen in our standalone player and not in my laptop.

I have puzzled whether the discs are cheap and nasty and get too warm after a while therefore causing the jump?

What do the gurus out there think?

Many thanks


Provide the exact make and model of your burner and the firmware version. You say data write dvd’s but what is the mid code on them? What OS? What programs are you using to burn?

IMO by what you describe and with very little info I would say it is a dvd media issue. Cheap or poor media tends to do things as you describe.

I would recomend getting some good TY media for best results. Have a look in the CD Freaks Bargin Basement and you will find some there.


update the firmware for your NEC something-or-other.
get some verbatim dvd media.

Datalife Plus only.

Don’t even consider the “Value” line (aka Datalife), it’s on par with the rest of the crap in the world.

seems like a media issue or you dvd player dont like dvdrs experiment with diferent discs try ritek -r (the cheapest disc i would use ) or verbs or tys it maybee your player prefers +rs