California politicans do the bidding of the RIAA/MPAA again



I just posted the article California politicans do the bidding of the RIAA/MPAA again.

  DamnedIfIknow used our    news submit  to tell us  "Man, we are going to have to set minimum I.Q. standards for people running for  public office." :) Here"s a link to the bill itself....
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U know… if everyone got this upset over really important issues like violent crimes, child abuse, kiddie porn, spousal abuse, prejudice, war – Just imagine the world we live in!.. Let the music alone… ROCKON!


Only in America. Thank God we have the Privacy Act here in Canada. That California sun has definitely gottent to what passes for brains in some people.


I don’t get it. Are they going to track down the I.P. of everyone that doesn’t put their name and address on a file? That seems to be an impossible job, and extremely expensive. It would amount to an internet police force. The next question is, who would be stupid enough to put there name and address on any file, and send it over an open internet connection?


Double edged sword as I see it…smarmy slimy pollies (male and female) will now have to tag those files they send to the media (previously anonymously) of the opposition caught El Flagrante getting blown, accepting baksheesh, getting screwed by the toyboy while hubby minds the kids. Would make for some interesting times one of these braindead getting hoisted on their own petard…frankly usa is not the only country where people are getting shit of overgovernment and overtaxing…vive la revelucion… and for those numbnuts in canada who believe the privacy act will shield them, take note of how america celebrated 200+ years of the constitution…with the patriot act…:X
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Canadians are protected from these things only because our politicians like to make huge deals out of every “little” thing. To your politicians this seems like no biggie but to ours, man the streets of Ottawa would explode if legislation like this one were to make it through. Real conflict occurs in our government unlike other ones that are paid off by the same guys. Thats the only thing that protects us. And this leads to my main point. Why the hell should you vote when all the candidates are as bad as each other? Seems like democracy in the US is dead. If this legislation goes through only riots will be able to stop it, but then again who is gonna riot these days. Too many peaceful protests if you tell me. Well a peaceful protest or petition isn’t gonna stop your crazy politicians anymore. You guys need to speak louder than just posting on cdfreaks if you want something done about it. End Rant…


Numnuts?.. Our american brethern are calling us Canadians, “Numnuts”?..At least here our political wheel dosn’t rotate on the whim of a dollar greasing their so called wheel of democracy… But then again… its like everything else in the US of A… Once they get sick of their own retorect, they start by reverting to name calling… and if that don’t work, threaten everyone with nukes and violence in atttempts to sway them to the american image of freedom. We may not like our politicians, often don’t respect them much, and for the most part consider them fairly unimaginative in solving world problems… but generally for the most part… They don’t get bought easily by the corporate machine… Guess this is our unique identity. Not perfect, but beats the sh*t outta whats south of the border!. My name is Mike, and I A M C A N A D I A N ! :g


When I say “numbnuts” I mean the the dull flatheaded lemmings who believe everything the government sprukes, AND they are everywhere, stupidity and blind acceptance have no boundaries. If you don’t fall into that category then don’t be offended. BTW I’m not an american, christ, we’re starting to look over our shoulders here too…I thought there was already a generally accepted standard for politicians…You had to have the IQ of a ditch and the personality of a dialtone…:X
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Who ever said the US of A was a democracy? If I remember rightly your current President was elected by less than 50% of the population and INSTALLED by His Brother the Governor of Florida, the State of which paid something like $4 mil to a private company owned by your secretary of state to disenfranchise over 90,000 black voters in that state by claiming they were criminals, some of who were ministers of religion who had never even had so much as a speeding fine! When that didn’t work and George W was still 400 votes short the then Attorney General of the great state of Florida (also George W’s campaign manager) stopped the recount that would have clearly show George had not spent enough to buy himself a Presidency! And this Puppet of the Arms Conglomerate decides he’s going to impose Democracy on the Middle East! I would suggest he start in his own backyard and reinstate Government for the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE in the good OL’ US of A!


“who believe the privacy act will shield them, take note of how america celebrated 200+ years of the constitution…with the patriot act…” Living in a glorified police state where the rights of the individual are quashed by law is not OUR problem. That’s THEIR problem. This is not to say that we don’t have our own issues - however, THAT is not one of them. BTW, the Privacy Act has already been tested in Canadian courts a number of times on various issues - and has been upheld. I also note that the rights-raping DMCA has also been tested in US courts several times - and has also been upheld. Your point? It would appear that some of us are more scrupulous about guarding our rights and freedoms than others. Perhaps it comes from (as a general rule) minding our own business and tending to issues at home (there are of course exceptions). After all, you don’t catch us sticking our noses into the affairs of others under the self-rghteously false colors of so-called “democracy”, “freedom” and “protecting the world because after all, no one else will” time and time again while making deals with the factions being supported to take the virginity of their resources.
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Kiss my ASS , Im still dl all the music & movies I want at my leisure. The more they push people the more people will push back. POOP for brains they have …:o
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My point old son, is that YOUR rights, as others see them, are documented on paper and enacted in law. Don’t be so naive that you would not believe as easily as YOUR rights were outlined and enacted they could as easily be stripped. “IT WON’T HAPPEN HERE” is the catchcry of the refugee…sure love and support your country, it’s your right…but watch your own arse first… If you think I’m potshotting canada, ferget it, I’ve been there, I like the country and the people. I abhor and distrust politicians, the nature of their business, their avarice and their ability (either natural or learned) to lie at whim without conscience. Now I don’t give a rats rekky what race, colour or creed they are, they all come from the same malicious, warped, twisted mold. A fast glance of the world political stage will tell you there are no “statesmen” anymore only greedy puppets peddling the agendas of their masters and having the audacity to hide behind the shield of patriotism to do it. Pal, you do what you will and believe what you wish but don’t be surprised in the future to hear of people being awoken in the middle of the night to go down and discuss “affairs of state”…it’s the nature of the world and politics today…no one is innocent, no one is free… :X


MY point is that we HAVE due diligence and that if we DIDN’T, we WOULD have a retroactive abortion like the DMCA in place. We clearly do NOT, although it certainly was tried with some pressure originating from points south. Thanks very much but we Canadians are and continue to be careful about our legislation and the powers granted therein. After all, we have only to look Due South to see the continually enacted soap opera of the folly of any other course of action. You may also note that we have something of a shorter leash on our politicians, having recognized them for the species that they are. It’s not impossible to pull the wool over our eyes - but it is arguably harder. Even as we speak, our “flavor” of the so-called “Patriot Act” (what a joke!) is being hotly discussed even in schools (and IMO quite rightfully being branded as racist). Now if only we had some decent candidates in the upcoming election… It will likely boil down to “better the devil you know”.
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Being as worldly as you seem, you may have read that we are currently debating significant factors of the DMCA as they affect us. These were surrupticiously slipped into a FTA bandied about last year, LUCKILY they were bought to the attention of opposition parties and so the current debate. it appears political america will do anything to achieve its goals, even shaft allies…The arrogance of a country that starts a war then subcontracts it out…:X
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Me? Worldly? HAR!! You don’t REALLY believe anything will come of it do you? The lobby there by entertainment big business is far too powerful - anyone can see that. It’s what’s called a “dumb show” - nice political book but means nothing. I do sincerely wish them luck however - if by some strange quirk something does get changed, it would certainly be a good thing.
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remember when RIAA were kicking in doors…a little while later ARIA were doing it here…NO we’re screwed, a inexperienced oppositionleader and a party with no balls…keep in mind, when you shake hands with a politician…count your fingers afterwards…:X
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It appeals that California isn’t the only sunbelt area whose politicians are suffering from heatstroke:
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DonL - You’re an idiot. Your problem is that you buy hook-line-and-sinker all the liberal propoganda the Canadian media stuffs down your throat. Some freedom coming from a country that bans Fox news because they don’t want a station that doesn’t ascribe to their quasi-socialist point of view. 6 different major media groups did a recount in Florida after the election and every single recount showed Bush would have win so your “his brother installed him” crap is nothing but lies and spin. There’s also no proof that 90,000 blacks were disenfranchised…simply bunk. Same thing with your Iraq argument…we are there to fight terrorism. Why in the world would we try to “impose” a democracy in Iraq…that’s idiotic. We’d start with countries like Mexico or something. It sure ain’t for oil either because we’d take over South America if it were just for oil. Get a clue and quit swallowing media spin and maybe you can post something that actually contributes to the TOPIC and not waste space with idealogical spin.


One day maybe the US Government will yet again realize that they don’t own the Internet. That the Internet is created by everyone who is currently connected to it across the world and not everybody’s computer operates under the instructions of the US. The US has no power to pass laws here. Everybody that uses it is from a different country. How can one mandate the laws of the Internet without consulting the other countries that are connected to it. If they wish to control the Internet they must declare war on all countries, take them over, turn into a dictatorship, and mandate all software that is installed on every PC. Short of that, they must realize they have no power. I say if the US wants to control the net, they should make their own net and control it all they want. They must realize they can never control the Internet, and if they find a way, through “trusted computing” or whatever then everyone will simply stop using it. More then likely to go to private wireless networks. However, the US Government is power hungry and has a severe case of denial. They believe they have some say in what goes on in the cyber world. Sure they can arrest a few hundred people, but that doesn’t say much when their laws are being broken by millions. The only way to change bad behavior on the net is to arrest every single person on the net doing something they don’t like. Which they just don’t have the power to do. America has a bad mentallity. I bet when the end of the world comes we’ll all be killed by some big natural disater that America doesn’t know how to stop, so right before it hits they’ll pass a new law declaring natural disators illegal. And all the American’s will think they’re saved until they drop dead. Then the last 5 surviving humans will take the natural disater to court. I mean if you don’t have any power, you don’t have any power. Sorry, save the tax payers money for something you can control.
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