Caldera now charging for each Linux system



I just posted the article Caldera now charging for each Linux system.

A lot of CD Freaks visitors think Microsoft sucks, and lots of them will probably think Linux is the way to go. Well Caldera is now also doing it the Microsoft way.

They are charging extra if you…

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What da ya think. Give Linux 30% of the userbase and they’ll sell the stuff , exactly like Micro$oft.


I’ve been saying this for years… going Linux way doesn’t mean costs will be free or cheap - I can’t believe that most Linux books say this. Take Solaris - some of thier software are well beyond our pricing reach!


Now it’s time to change the name of LINUX into LIN$UX :frowning:


What’s the point? I payed 70$ for my SuSE 7.1 and got one DVD, seven CD’s, over 1000 pages of damn good manuals, a stable OS plus over 2000 applications most of them working, and the ability to update online… is that too expensive? How much it would cost me to download seven ISO’s and print the manuals? Maybe some of ya think that Linux developers earn their living by bank robbing?