Calc Bitrate?

Hi every1

I’m trying to caculate the bitrate of a movie i just ripped to my hd. How can i tell if there is a dts stream in the ripped stuff? Any answer much appreciated ty:)

Open it in DVD Shrink and see if there’s a DTS stream.

I use VideoCalc to do BR calcs - it’s pretty good (on average). If you wanna see the bitrate of every cell, simply do a prepare with DVD Rebuilder.


Thank you for answering blutach:)
I want to burn onto a DVD-5.
There is no dts stream.
Concerning the VideoCalc prog i entered Disc Size: 7.95GB (DVD9), although the main movie title size shows 6,673 GB in DVD Shrink re-author mode (I’m not sure if thats the right thing i did, should i use the custom & enter 6,673?). The audio bitrate i entered was 1536 kbits/s (power dvd shows that). The calculated bitrate is 4552 kbits/s. Don’t know if that sounds right?
If i enter 6,673 in the custom disc size the calculated bitrate drops to 3439kbits/s.
I tried the Ifoedit bitrate calc & got roughly 4550 kbits/s.
Thanks for telling me about the VideoCalc proggie.

I got DVD-RB Pro a few days ago & still getting my way around it. Am using HC encoder (don’t have cce). How do i do a prepare (is that when i press the backup button) & how can i see the bitrate of every cell? I’m about to do my first DVD-5 with DVD-RB Pro!:iagree:

I apologise to trouble you with my questions. Thanks again.

No, what you need to enter in is the size of the shrunk DVD. DVD Shrink will tell you how much it is devoting to the main movie (and in fact how much is devoted just to the video) - it will be less than 4.37Gb (keep the settings on automatic). Just plug the Mb devoted to the video into Videocalc (under custom size), 0 audio tracks and extras and away you go.

For DVDRB, you need to enable 3 click mode. Untick, one click mode from the Mode menu. Prepare will then not be greyed out.


Thanks a million for helping me out with some very useful info m8 :cool:

I’m looking forward to using DVD-RB Pro, just created my first iso with it.