Cahnge fw for writespeed in shw1635s-

The omni patcher doesn.t have media for shw1635 fw ysow ,I would like to know if i can load fw for the show1693s or if some outher so ican get better write strategy,I am not sure a bout this,any info on this will be help full.Iwould like to go12x -16x.t\This is new for me thanks.

you can change write strategies with MCSE, but i’m not sure if the drive will work after it’s flashed with a patched firmware.

unscrambled firmware (YS0W):

Iwas going to try and use the omni patcher to changethe model #.s insted of MCSEto see if that wouldwork.

Crossflashing to a 1693 will not work, do not try it.

Thanks for info.Do you know of a FW that will work so i could change the write srategy, with my drive.

Ichanged the write speed straregy useing mcse so i can burn8x ritek r03 at 12xthis is the frist one.Does this look ok ,i;am trying to learn how to read the graph,THANKS.