Cafe del mar

I have cafe del mar cd. It is a hybrid release and it has some audio tracks on it and a short mpg. The problem is that i dont see the audio tracks, only .mpg. How can i play it on my comp. The drive is Plex 40/12/40
i will now try to extract the audio with Sound Forge and burn it on a cd. But still i wonder how to listen the original cd

Feurio and EAC will forget about the data track, so you can play or rip the audio tracks as any other disc.

Thanx m8!
I will look what that piece of software does.
I already extracted audio tracks with Sound Forge and burned it on a CD. It’s stupid why windows couldn’t c those tracks when i opened the CD…

Because that’s what CD-Extra CDs are made for: they show data tracks in a computer, and they only play the audio tracks in a domestic player.

if you want to play the audio in the computer use winamp (my favorite), cd player that comes with windows, or wmp above version 6.4 (basically any version that comes with windows me and above.)

It is not possible to play this CD in WinAmp or any player. I dunno why.

Not even Feurio or EAC?
Maybe it’s protected…

do u have the cable-link from your cd player to your soundcard installed???

In Winamp, right-click; play; audio CD.