Caesar Iv - Copy Protection

Can anyone help me figure out what copy protection is on CAESAR IV? I have made a backup, so I don’t ruin this sure-to-be-a-classic, but I can’t run it.

I have tried running it through Anti SecuROM Loader 1.2 as well as curerom, but neither will get it to run. Any ideas?


it´s securom but i don´t know if v7.26 or v7.27 is used. check it with Protection ID v5.1f.

Securom 7.26 or newer.It is working with securom loader 1.2
Just make the image with latst alcohol 120% or 52% using securom NEW ( 4.x , 5.x) profile and choose low dpm extraction speed.Then mount the image in daemon tools 4.06 ( maybe latest alcohol virtual device will also work ) , rename the .exe of securom loader 1.2 from asr.exe to something other for example srmldr12.exe and start it , point it to the caesar 4 exe and the game will start.

:iagree: yes it is securom 7.xx.xx , made a working backup this is what i did :

burner : SONY dvd/rw -dru 720 a

media : verbatin cd/rw 700mb

same as metioned in the burning securom new 5x/7x thread >>

alchohol 120% ver : 1.95.4327

securom new 4x/5x profile

dpm @ 24x

used a ray scanner ver :2.023

patched image file’s

write @ 4 x

plays fine from backup disc , although i am using prot.stop as a precaution .

somthing went wrong at first when i tried to use antiblax ,and cureom and i lost the use of daemon tools’’ ?? :doh: ?? some daemon.dll error .

hope this helps :bigsmile:

loader ver :1.2 dident seem to work when i tried to mount in alcohol

I just wanted to add that DVDDecrypter has been a staple in my life for quite a while, and now that it will end I am very sad. My favorite movie, Matrix, was backed up using this utility and after I loaned my DVD to my daughter it came back scratched and would not play. Now I use my backup I made using DVDDecrypter as the original, doesn’t work. There is not reason I can’t have a backup of my DVDs as I do loan them to my Daughter’s Family. The source of DVDDecryper should get a ‘Well Done’ from all of us and a thanks from all of us!


try scanning with protectionid, a-ray is very outdated when checking securom versions… (hence its 7.xx.xx… which is pretty useless)