Caddie's nec3520 CD-R burning at 8x and reading errors



I understand there’re several threads about this kind of problems but I haven’t found the exact problem like my 3520.
so allow me:

My CD-R(source disc) only reads at 1200kb/sec which is about 8x.
(media: maxell and HP)
I have tried lots of different nero versions from 5 to
And DVDINFO shows me all the errors about LBA. Please see the attach image. ANybody helps me to fix this?

btw, the nero cd-dvd speed looks normal.

The rest parts of this burner are normal such as
Writing to blank CD-R is fast(almost 48x).
DVD buring speed is good.
Burning quality is excellent.

Thanks for reading my problem.

Firmware:stock 1.04
Windows xp sp1
Intel 2.4 ghz
1g ram


Hi. Although i have a 3500 and not a 3520 all i can say that NEC’s 35xx burners are really bad readers. I for my self use only my Toshiba SD-M1612 for reading the source disks that have to be copied. I also can remember that in most of the other threads about similar problems this is mentioned. Have you another drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM to test if this problem is there too? Then it might a Problem of the disk.



Thanks for your reply muellinger.

I think you might be right.
Some more results:

My nec3520 burns HP video CD-R at 8x only.
but my liteon 5232k burns the same CD-R fast and nomal.

My nec3520 burns maxell data cd fast… over 6000kb/s which is about 41-42x

So it’s the bad reading for NEC as you said especially for burning video cd.

Seems i’ve to keep my Liteon drive in my computer :bow:


It’s never a bad idea to keep an good old CD-Burner. I gave mine to my father. But i must say that my 3500 burns those no-name CD-R’s i use very well. Maybe you try another brand / model of CD-R’s or keep the maxell. I don’t know much about HP Medias because they are too expensive here in my opinion. cheap CD-R’s do it as well :slight_smile: