CactusDS 200 ---->.mp3PRO tutorial(?)

Now here´s my little fairy tale:
I´ve succesfully backed-up my first Cactusdatashield protected audio record.
First I used Clone 4b30 to do a 1:1 copy(thats for my car player :-o )
Next I used Iso-buster 1.0 to extract the .wav files to my HD, then I did use Nero to
covert them into .mp3PRO files(and thats for my home dvd-player :open_mouth: )
This was dunn on a record pressed in England and CDS200 ver.0.4 3.0 build 12b.
Thank you my "old trusty"Hp 82** for making my day…
Yours humble…

Did you extract the WAV files from the original CDS protected disk or from your 1:1 copy disk made with Clone4?

Yes,I did extract those from my 1:1 copy.Later I will do(try)the same with the original disc,I´ll let you know…

YES! I did manage to extract them from the ORIGINAL Cactusdatashield protected record.Didi it with ISO-Buster 1.0 Pro.And I did also buy my first record with KEY2AUDIO protection on it.And extracted the .wav´s with ISO-Buster PRO(—>.mp3PRO with Nero),did a 1:1 copy of it with Clone cd 4b30! :stuck_out_tongue:
…yours humblest…

yeah i managed to copy the wavs to my hd too, using isobuster. I also have an HP 8200, but i can’t seem to copy the last track to my hard drive… any help?