Hello Guys!
I’m trying to make a backup of a cactus data shield 200 but i can’t write in clone cd in Cactus data shield profile because a error apears on screen saying “Your driver can’t read subchannels or CD extra info”
i don’t know if this hapens because i first make a image of the cd, then i record.
I know it’s data shield because i scan in clny xxl in my normal cd-rom drive, but when i scan in my burner it says it’s key2audio

Any sugestions?


CRX 215E1 sony writer
52x no name cd rom reader

Try the Audio Forum.

If the Audio CD profile does not work then you need a reader that can actually cope with the protection.

Subchannels are not required, just “Read the first session” (use that right click!).

Now is not necessary, because i made a copy of the disc.
My dad’s have a recorder but it’s a recorder with two decks and it only record audio.So i try copy the cd and it copys the music, but not the cd protection, so, in this case, the protection don’t have any effect…
so, in the next times, when i have a audio cd with protection…:bow: :smiley: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

try feurio or eac…

but…you already have a copy…

Can anyone list music cd’s with any protection? So far I have encountered no problems with AudioCatalyst, and that program is ancient relative to software time.

audio cathalyst is still beeing updated, isn’t it??
It has features against protections, and perhaps you just have the right hardware to by-pass most protections…

till now i could also back-up everything.


Well, AudioCatalyst has been at version 2.1 for at least 2 years that I remember. No updates really, nor was it designed to handle copy protections, and none existed on audio in its time. I don’t know if I was lucky in hardware all along because like I said before, I don’t know of any protected audio titles, otherwise I would try to get my hands on them just for fun to see if I can copy them… hehehe:p

you are right…i confused it with audiograbber i think