Cactus datashield

When I put my Celine Dion cd in the latest vers of Clony & hit the scan button it only tells me its a protected cd, should it not be telling me its cac data 100 or 200 ? also in CCD v4 beta21 what option do I select to read to my image file because 1 option shows all the read errors and another does’nt, sorry to be a pain but it doesnt explain the different audio options the CCD help file I would really appreciate some help.
Cheers 4 now:confused:

Little research on the mainpage and this forum would have told you that the protection used on the latest Celine Dion CD is Key2Audio

New key2Audio crashes PC & changes firmware?
Key2Audio on latest CD Celine Dion: 40% failures

There seem 2 b albums being sold in different countries with/without protection…

Since only Sat i did an on the fly copy of this same cd using nero … 3mins or so without any probs

Thanks for the feedback guys, sorry about my misunderstanding regarding the protection but Istill thought that clony would give me what type of protecton was on it more specifically than protected audio. By the way EAC on my lapdog converted it to mp3 no probs, Dell Inspiron 8100 with Tosh DVD and also the new Shakira cd too, once again thanks for the help with my first posting :cool:

My system freezed when ripping the last track at 96%…very annoying.
If any data was lost I’d sue Sony…luckily I run Windows2000