Cactus Audio Protection

Does CloneCD backup the new Cactus audio protection??? I came across a cd (from a Portuguese band, Da Weasel) that I’m pretty sure that had it???

I’ve also read that only Plextor drives are the only ones that can read the Cactus audio protection correctly??? Is there any truth to this???

Anyhow I gave it a shot and CloneCD produced some really weird coasters. Anyhow I’m gonna try to explain to the best of my knowledge what happened while I tried to burn this cd???

From an initial look at it the cd seemed to have 2 sessions. The 1st with 16 audio tracks and the 2nd with one data track. Inside the data track I found these files:

CACTUSPJ.EXE (this app actually plays the cd, but any other cd player that I tried did not play this cd)

Anyhow I think the problem is that the cd ISN’T BEING READ CORRECTLY for some reason? Here’s what I got for the log file:

I 21:44:45 Starting copy from PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-105 to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\IMAGE.CCD
I 21:44:45 Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: No
I 21:44:45 Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Yes
I 21:44:45 Fast Error Skip: No
I 21:44:45 Don’t report read errors: No
I 21:44:45 Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: No
I 21:44:45 CD contains CD-Text: No
I 21:44:45 Reading Track 1… (Blocks 0-5893)
W 21:44:45 Device PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-105 doesn’t support reading of 96 bytes subchannel data (CD+G)!
W 21:44:47 PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-105 is not compatible with CloneCD Read Mode “Read Extra Audio Info”!
I 21:44:54 Reading Track 2… (Blocks 5893-404999)
I 21:49:13 Duration of operation: 00:04:27
I 21:49:13 Reading Track 17… (Blocks 241071-332850)
I 21:51:14 Duration of operation: 00:02:01
I 21:51:14 Reading finished!
I 21:52:23 Erase Disc in Progress…
I 21:53:15 Erase Disc completed!
I 21:54:08 Starting copy from C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\IMAGE.CCD to HP CD-Writer+ 9100
I 21:54:08 Don’t repair SubChannel Data: No
I 21:54:08 Amplify weak sectors: No
I 21:54:08 Write Simulation: No
I 21:54:08 Burn Proof / Just Link: No
I 21:55:29 Writing Session 1 LeadIn…
I 21:56:06 Writing Session 1 image file…
I 22:08:51 Writing Session 1 LeadOut…
I 22:08:58 Writing Session 2 LeadIn…
I 22:09:29 Writing Session 2 image file…
I 22:14:34 Writing Session 2 LeadOut…
I 22:14:42 Flushing buffers…
I 22:14:42 Duration of operation: 00:19:12
I 22:14:56 Writing finished!

And when It comes time to write the cd to a blank disc the following message comes on:

Image size doesn’t match to Lead Out specified in TOC!
Image size: 85:56:45 Min:Sec:Fra
Lead Out Adress in TOC: 71:26:0 Min:Sec:Fra

Please select, how to proceed!

*Keep TOC as on source CD, write until end of Image File
*Modify Lead Out address to the length of the Image File
*Keep TOC as on source CD, write until Lead Out Address

(Choosing the 1st and 2nd options left me with real weird coasters. But I don’t think that is the problem. Cos I think it did’t read the cd correctly in the first place?

At the end of all this when I try playing the cd on my sound system this is what happens:
The 1st track has nothing but silence.
The 2nd track seems to be the same but a minute & half into the track, it plays the whole album w/ the exception that it doesn’t play the 1st track.
Tracks 3-16 aren’t even readable.
Playing it on a PC is not even worth it.
Also I gotta mention that it apparently can’t be ripped into mp3 (tried using MusicMatch with no luck).

One last thing I must mention. I’ve heard from some people here in my coutry that I should try reading the cd at 1x and with read subchannel from audio tracks on? Haven’t tried it yet coz the cd was borrowed. But will this work?

So is it CloneCD that can’t handle Cactus? Or do I have to get a Plextor? Or neither of these are true??? Uhm…

CloneCD should be able to handle CDS… Unfortunately I don’t have a CDS protected disc here so I have no experience with this new protection. You’re trying to read SubChannel Data with your Pioneer DVD but it can’t do it. What I can suggest for now is to use these settings and read with your HP at a low reading speed:

[ul][li]Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
[/li][li]Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks[/ul]Hope it helps you!
Regarding the Plextor writers: it’s true there are a lot of writers that can’t even read CDS. Plextor drives seem to be able to do it (I’m basing this on what I read, like I said I have no experience with this protection):

Quoting from someone @ DAEMON Tools:
Those CDs contain a wrong leat out entry, thus CD-ROMs think the CD ends after 20 seconds … audio CD player don’t care about leadout, thus they play the CDs correct.
For example plextor drives can read those CD execept the last track …

I thought I read somewhere that one of the proper settings is “don’t correct subchannel data” when writing.