Cache dvd program ? like the older cache cd programs

i want a program like the older cache cd but for DVD on windows xp here is one of the older programs for win98

anyone know of one or seen one?

i also found 100xcd but it only works on cds not dvds

even better would be a program that as soon as a large file is accessed it caches the whole file or like 100-500 megs of it to HD.

you are probably wondering why i want this. im converting my whole dvd collection to Xvid and also some tv shows that i watch. sometimes the liteon 166s dvd-rom can not keep and then it skips for a second. its not bad but a thought would be to have it cache 1 gig to the hd then there should never be a problem with skipping.

… how’s that different from getting DVD Decrypter and ripping the entire DVD to the HD? What, you don’t have enough space?

i just want it to be automatic when the disc is inserted and then it clear the cache when the disc is ejected. not have to mess with opening up any programs and ripping a dvd.