Cablevision will connect PCs to TVs, without wires

Cablevision will connect PCs to TVs, without wires.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Cablevision hopes to lure customers who want to watch computer content on a television, revealing that it's developing a wireless PC-to-TV relay service.

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I don’t trust this device nor it’s seemingly innocent innovation; it’s already been admitted and proven that google and other hardware manufacturers did spy or were planning on using your device’s mic and camera to get “data” about “you” to better tailor ads and marketing BS to us. Just what else are they going to do with that data? Data that basically profiles you as a being; what your habits are, how long you play, what you like/dislike etc… You essentially become “data” and a financial object to them
__Who says they’ll keep your data and newly minted behavioral-identity safe from snooping law-enforcement, the govt, and a myriad of private businesses that make tons selling data like this to all kinds of other nefarious organizations. The burden of proof is on them. I’m not using ANY cable box to supplant a simple arse CABLE cord and adapter.
__Remember people… ANY type of “convenience” offered to you by “them” (insert any for-profit org) is really a mask for some other intention/hidden agenda. NOTHING is free and nothing of convenience by them comes without additional hidden costs… You all know no business is going to offer all this wonderful stuff for just a few pennies on the dollar. They WANT you to make use of this technology b/c it’s been designed in a board room, under 100-1000hrs of hours of strategical and astute planning. It’s not just “hey billy, wanna play your comp games on TV, through our box? Sounds cool, well we’ll provide you this wonderful service for a few extra bucks…” Riiight, and how does this corp expect to reap enough income to justify said man hours? By selling that data to many other groups interested solely in your behavioral identity.

Sounds cooky… what’s cooky/conspiracy yappage to YOU, is BIG business to others; they make millions off our behavioral-identities for marketing research and development.

E.g., remember that whole Y2K nonsense; an impossibility if you know anything about computers… Well there’s other nations hours ahead of us; namely Japan. What happened to them, which was soon to be happening to us? NOTHING AT ALL! Nothing happened, I spent weeks patching machines at work and all this BS, knowing full well if this issue was going to be a real problem, someone would have noted it years ahead of this. But who made out? All kinds of predatory and opportunistic entities selling everything from water bottles, food and gas masks etc… It’s ALL a game to these people; the controllers of society. The leaders of industry…