Cablevision Takes Aim at Napster's Successors

I just posted the article Cablevision Takes Aim at Napster’s Successors. reports that Cablevision’s high speed internet service, ‘Optimum Online’ that advertises ‘unlimited usage’, and ‘easy access to MP3s’, has warned customers that usage of any of…

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There is no such thing as a client or a server. Both computers send data, both computers receive data. Automatically just to maintain the connection. They’re calling anything that uploads too much data a server which is not a violation of anything. Just a dumber way of putting an upload cap on your connection. If people can’t get free movies and MP3’s online anymore. No one is going to pay for broadband you morons. That’s why they use broadband, to runs programs like Kazaa. If you put limits on your service everyone will come back to dial-up and trade files anyway, just slower. Put a cap on dial up, and you’re gonna lose even more money.

Dial-Up can’t be capped much more that it is on its own.

As long as you don’t upload you can use p2p as much as you want. This has been discussed for a long time already on DSLreports.

I subscribe to Optonline and have complained recently to managment about slow connection speeds. I dont think people are going to change there internet habits and I dont think Cablevision is going to spend any money upgrading there service. They are just trying to boost the bottom line and stave off bankruptcy. Funny had bandwicth became a problem as soon as they began offering their digtial telesion service (io on demand).

I’ve never really understood why upload bandwidth via an ISP is more expensive? Why should an ISP have to spend more to send data than to recieve? Or am I getting my lines crossed here?

If Cablevision is gona not allow P2P file swapping, they will just go out of business. I hate them if they’re gona be this way. I would like to see them go bankrupt if they’re gona be disloyal to their customers.

Cable companies are the biggest scam artists out there… Prices for cable Tv keep going up every year and commercials keep getting longer… How can you charge a person to watch commercials? Fuck them!

Well, I can answer the question about upload speeds on cable since I design those networks for a living: In the most simple terms, your upload speed is shared by everyone that is on your node. This is also a design flaw by cisco and many others. The majority of traffic by the majority of Internet users is very low, mainly consisting of email and uploading small images to personal web sites. Another flaw is that the cable systems’ plants are dirty - meaning that there is a lot of noice on the upstream portion as well as the downstream. A lot of MSOs don’t care to fix it as long as certain channels aren’t effected by the noise. When DOCSIS 2.0 finally becomes a reality and MSOs are forced to upgrade, then you will see upstream speeds around 100Mbit - on a clean plant and to the plant’s head end server. Now, a way around some of these problems are that you upgrade your cable modem access to a business account and let them know that you upload a good amount of “whatever” to different servers across the country. This could range from server code, to beta programs, to MPEG videos for training purposes. Just incorporate yourself, get your tax id and a business checking account and let them know that you need to increase both your downstream and upstream. Sure, you may pay twice as much, but you will also be left alone and if they monitor what you are doing, then that is an invasion of privacy and then they are held accountable.

Napster’s sucessors all the way!!!