Cablevision cleared to develop new RS-DVR

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The U.S. Supreme Court today paved the way for Cablevision to begin offering a new next-generation digital video recorder and DVR service later this year, after a legal challenge from Hollywood movie…

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I wouldn’t be surprised if this technology becomes or tries to become a way for advertisers to prohibit skipping or fast-forwarding through commercials.

I am psyched for this. I assume this would also mean that any tv in your house could access your recordings, which makes complete sense. It sucks that right now I pay to have cable service for multiple TVs in my house, but only one is connected to my DVR

Just goes to show how small minded and short sighted “NBC, CBS, Disney, ABC, News Corp., Twentieth Century Fox, and others” are when it comes to technology. They should have embraced this. If they worked with the companies providing these services I’m sure they could find ways to leverage the ability to keep track of exactly how many folks are watching stored shows, when, how often, what shows, and how often do they skip commercials. Advertisers couldn’t possibly care about such info though, and we know the cable company is only trying to make it easy for people to steal hollywood’s hard work, they couldn’t possibly care about making the viewing experience more enjoyable so more viewing takes place. Nah, it’s just about theft. Idiots. Of course, nobody should be surprised, since these idiots are the same ones that cancel popular shows because while they make money, they don’t make ENOUGH money, and everyone knows it’s always a good idea to take a profitable product off the market in favor of an unproven product. Go hollywood. :slight_smile: