Cablevision cleared to develop new RS-DVR


Tidbit taken from article posted on front page

The U.S. Supreme Court today paved the way for Cablevision to begin offering a new next-generation digital video recorder and DVR service later this year, after a legal challenge from Hollywood movie studios and TV content holders was rejected.

Critics of the new Cablevision service said the remote-storage DVR violates federal copyright laws, though the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the argument. Originally announced in 2006, the Remote Storage Digital Video Recorder, (RS-DVR) was met with enthusiasm from TV viewers looking to DVR content without the need for a pricey DVR unit in addition to a monthly subscription for the service.

It’s unsure why the Supreme Court rejected the appeal from copyright holders, and isn’t required to issue a public statement as to its decisions.
Would you be interested in using this technology if your cable provider begins to offer it? :confused:

No, because they will charge for it.